Got a functioning team but would love to increase cohesion or performance?

Looking just to have a fun team day to create inclusion, trust and cohesiveness?

The Team Whisperer works with businesses all of sizes and teams of all sizes to bring teams together and build strong team creation.

We customise all programs to the client and the team needs. We work with you to determine key outcomes (no out of the box solutions here)!  We’ll ensure you team building event is informative, truly builds a stronger team and above all is fun.

We can include a range of elements. Our most popular include;

  • Using DISC profiles to enhance team empathy and emotional intelligence
  • Using Team Role Profiles to help understand the key strengths and limitations of the team
  • Using GROW to facilitate team processes
  • Designing Great Race Events
  • Designing Team Feud (Based on Family Feud)
  • Developing rhythm class, using drumming
  • Creating art or play
  • Using creative processes
  • Examining effective team behaviours and practices
  • Developing team charters
  • Facilitating the team to create self managing teams and processes
  • Facilitating group coaching sessions
  • Establishing team goals, Goal setting & Action planning

Talk to us today about your needs!  Get in touch.