The Team Whisperers work with businesses to bring new project teams together as a cohesive, functioning unit, bringing them up to speed quickly.

Starting a new project means businesses need the project teams to get to norming quickly.  We enable this through our fun, yet highly effective Project Team Kick Off Workshops.

Some of the programs we’ve facilitated include the following components;

  • Create a shared team mission, vision, behaviours, charter from the outset
  • Help the team articulate job roles, responsibilities, accountabilities and support
  • Facilitating them to create the project plan, key strategies, goals and outcomes
  • Articulate the team Belbin team roles and help team understand team dynamics, quantum leaping them to a norming phase.  Ensuring the team uses their strengths and backfills gaps
  • Develop team cohesiveness and understanding
  • Using DISC to develop deep cohesiveness, trust and team intelligence
  • Using DISC to help the team with understanding Stakeholder Engagement
  • Facilitating Stakeholder Engagement Strategies & Plan
  • Facilitating project team to develop Change Management strategies and plans
  • Facilitating the team when it has gone off track

We customise all programs to the client and the team needs. We work with you to determine key outcomes.  We use a broad range of tools.  The ones below are common for Project Team Kick Off Workshops, such as;

  • Using DISC profiles to enhance team empathy and emotional intelligence
  • Using Belbin Team Role Profiles to help understand the key strengths and limitations of the team
  • Using GROW to facilitate team processes
  • Designing fun team cohesion events
  • Learning Styles Profiling
  • Empathy maps
  • Stakeholder Engagement Maps and Personas
  • Using other tools as required

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