Are you needing to support teams going through change of facing new opportunities?

The Team Whisperer work with our HR Specialist at The HR Experts (international) to provide an end-to-end Change Management solution.

Whether you are looking for a full end-to-end solution or just some assistance with your change program, we’ve got the right solution for you!

We’ve have worked with many teams in company’s of all sizes, from start-ups to global multi-nationals.

We specifically have designed these workshops to facilitate teams in change of facing new opportunities (e.g. new services, new regions, new technology, new products, complete transformation, culture change, complete restructures, merger and acquisitions).

We customised our programs to each customer needs and desired outcomes.  We work with you to determine key outcomes.  We can include a number of elements depending on needs;

  • Visioning and strategy workshops
  • Focusing on Change Awaredess, Desire and Acceptance
  • Facilitating teams through Resistance
  • Resilience Training
  • Using GROW to facilitate team processes – including strong goals and action plans
  • Using DISC profiles to enhance team empathy and emotional intelligence
  • Using Team Role Profiles to help understand the key strengths and limitations of the team
  • Designing fun team cohesion exercises
  • Facilitating open and constructive conflict resolution sessions,
  • Facilitating real conversations (uncovering deep root causes of resistance),
  • Training in new systems, behaviours, and
  • Action planning to establish clarity, optimise performance and enable solid action planning

Is your team in a state of flux?

Contact us for a confidential conversation about your needs.